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Custom packaging

One of the ways to stand out in a market as large as the wine market is by taking care of the labeling of the bottles you distribute. When they see the label, your customers should feel that your drinks are Premium and that you are able to stand out from your competitors. In Freixedas Vinícola we do customized packaging, so you get wines in bottles and Bag-In-Box with your brand label. With your own label you increase the visibility of your brand and it is more easily engraved in the minds of your customers.


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Custom wine packaging

Personalized labeling on the bottles of wine you distribute is very beneficial for your company. With your own label you show that you really want to stand out in the market, you also make it clear that you are committed to give quality wines to your customers. The label has an important role in the perception that each customer has of your brand and their experience with it.
In Freixedas Vinícola we love to help new wine sellers or those who are improving their brand, that is why we perform custom packaging. This service applies to all sizes of containers, whether they are bottles or Bag-In-Box.

The only thing we ask in case you want a customized packaging is that you notify us well in advance that you want to purchase this service. That way, we can plan the packaging process, labeling and, above all, the sending of the labels that you must make.

Customized packaging is not only available for companies or businesses that sell the wines we distribute. It can also be used for a special event, such as a wedding, a business meeting or a birthday. Undoubtedly, it is a very original gift or souvenir.
We not only take care that the packaging has a good appearance, we also have a special and personalized copying that allows us to maintain the quality of each wine we sell. With this you manage to face the demand to stand out and the competitiveness that exists in the wine sector.

With Freixedas Vinícola you get wines with packaging in which all aspects are well cared for, the containers we use are resistant and with personalized labeling we achieve that they align perfectly with your brand.

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