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Bulk wines

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Bulk wines

The sale of bulk wines is the modality in which we have the most experience, because when the fourth generation of the Freixedas family began to manage the company, they focused on bulk sales. In the mid-1990s we sold wine in bulk in 25, 50, 100 and 1,000 liters containers.
Our bulk wines meet high quality standards. Before delivering them to our customers, we make sure that the wines respect the controls for this type of beverage.


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Bulk wines

Distribution of bulk wines

The bulk wines we distribute are still wines, aged wines and fortified wines. These types of wines are characterized by being versatile, so they fit perfectly with a wide variety of events or occasions, such as group dinners, special meals with the family and much more.
To make the distribution, we use tanks of 25,000 liters, these are prepared to reach your company. Once we are there, we extract the wine with the help of a pump and a hose. All the implements we use in this service comply with hygiene standards.

Our bulk wine distribution process has proven to have high logistical efficiency. The goal we set ourselves with respect to this service is to do it quickly, but without diminishing quality. That way, we get satisfied customers.

In Freixedas Vinícola team we are committed to the distribution of bulk wines. Therefore, when you place an order, we guarantee that we will meet delivery deadlines.
When the wine is in your company, you can do with it whatever you want, this can be selling in glasses or packaging with your own label for wholesale distribution or selling directly to the end customer.

For us it is very important to verify the conditions of the grapes, that is why we make sure that those who produce our wines use authentic and pure farming techniques. In our wines we use the best grape varieties, these are: Syrah, Verdejo, Macabeo, Merlot and Cabernet.
One point we mentioned before is that the wine we distribute is not produced by ourselves. They are blended and created exclusively for our company, of course, we are very involved in the production in order to be able to guarantee the distribution of the best wines.

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