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Fortified wines

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Fortified wines

One of the best wines to enjoy slowly at meals or tastings are the fortified wines. To elaborate them, we make sure that the grape juice has a complete fermentation, so we reach the desired alcoholic degree together with an incomparable flavor.
To sell fortified wines we apply the bulk sale modality and the varieties that you can find in Freixedas Vinícola are the following:
• Quinated aromatized wine.
• Mistela.
• Moscatell or sweet Catalan wine.
• Odorous aromatized wineo.
• Vermuts.
• Rancid aromatized wine.


Freixedas Vinícola


Bulk wines

Distribution of generous wines

Who can buy our wines? Any person, no matter if they order a minimum quantity for private consumption or hundreds of liters to distribute to consumers of their business products. The types of fortified wines that we bottle and distribute in Freixedas Vinícola are the following:

Quinated aromatized wine.
It uses grapes as well known as Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel. The Pedro Ximénez is a very appreciated grape variety, since it is a sun-dried raisin grape.
Sugar from grape juice is used in its production and the beverage has a minimum alcohol content of 13°.
Moscatel or Catalan sweet wine.
Moscatel wine is not only enjoyed for its flavor, but also for its aroma, which is floral and has varietal notes.
Odorous aromatized wine.
Odorous aromatized wine wines include many varieties, including white wines, Ruby, Vintage, Tawny and many more.
It is fortified with the highest quality wine alcohol. The Vermouth wine we distribute is usually flavored with spices or aromatic herbs.
Aromatized Rancid wine.
No, this wine is not in bad condition although its name implies that. The aromatized rancid wines we sell are so named because their aging has been accelerated through exposure to the sun.

Once you complete the purchase, we carry out the distribution in format of 25, 50, 100 or up to 1,000 liters. Do not worry about transportation, we take care of that, because we have our own vehicles perfect for the distribution of fortified wines.

In case we bottle the wines, we guarantee that the packaging is professional and each bottle has our brand label, but, if you do not ask for it with enough time in advance, we can make a customized packaging.

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