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Varietal wines

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Varietal wines

At Freixedas Vinícola we consider varietal wines to be very special because our objective in marketing them is to allow our customers to taste the best of the most select grape varieties. This is achieved thanks to the fact that varietal wines use at least two varieties of grapes. At least 80% of the wine must be made from one grape variety and the remaining percentage from another. Varietal wines are elegant drinks full of nuances.


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Distribution of varietal wines

Our secret to distribute varietal wines that meet the expectations of our customers is to understand that they have exquisite palates. This motivates us to select very well the grapes used in the wines we distribute, especially the varietals, since they blend different grape varieties. In this way, we manage to distribute the best varietal wines in the wine sector.
An important aspect in the distribution of varietal wines is the information placed on the label. Because we are a transparent company, we make sure that you know the composition of the wine you are buying. Therefore, when you buy our varietal wines we provide you with the following information:
• Name of the beverage.
• Varietal composition.
• Harvest year.
• Producer.

Our varietal wines are available to all customers, from the smallest to the largest businesses. For example, we can distribute them to shops and supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, people who want them for their own consumption and more.

In recent years, our distribution system has experienced a great growth. Currently, we have vehicles that can reach any city in Spain and are suitable for transporting between 1,500 liters and 25,000 liters of varietal wines. The vehicles have the necessary equipment to ensure the preservation of the beverage no matter how long the trip is. In addition, we have the necessary elements to deliver just the quantities ordered.

You don't have to worry about any aspect of distribution - our logistics work is in line with our more than 100 years of experience!
When purchasing varietal wines, contact us if you wish to receive personalized advice. Our distribution network is active 24 hours a day, so we are ready to serve our customers immediately and quickly.

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