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Still wines

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Still wines

Do you want to taste an exclusive wine of natural fermentation? Then, choose our variety of still wines, including white, rosé and black wines. These wines are for regular consumption, their alcoholic content is between 8.5° and 14.5°.
To elaborate our variety of still wines, we take advantage of the natural alcoholic fermentation of the grape juice. Thanks to this, the flavors and presentations of the still wines of Freixedas Vinícola satisfy even the most demanding palates.


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Bulk wines

Distribution of still wines

Still wines can be classified by color and that is the classification we use in Freixedas Vinícola. The types of still wines we have are the following:
White wine: the fermentation of this type of wine can go from a few months to several months and even decades, thus obtaining a unique and luxurious drink.
Rose wine: as for pink wines, we have a wide range of aromas, these wines are soft and fresh. Imagine tasting a delicious rosé wine from Freixedas Vinícola in spring, the best time to do it due to the fruity and floral notes that these wines have.
Black wine: these offer a wide and delicious variety of flavors, from light to heavy, from sweet to more acidic. That way, you delight your palate with a wide flavor profile.

In order to produce still wines that meet the demands of our customers, we carefully select the most appropriate grapes for these types of wines. Just as we follow careful processes for the production of still wines, we do the same with their distribution. To take these beverages to wherever you are, we have the appropriate transport network, which consists of these vehicles:
• Cisterns of 25,000 liters.
• Truck 10,000 liters.
• Van 1,500 liters.

Of course, it is not mandatory that you buy many liters of wine, because in Freixedas Vinícola we are also dedicated to the bulk sale of various types of wines, including still wines. In this case, we deliver them in containers ranging from 25 liters to 1,000 liters.

Thanks to Freixedas Vinícola's complete transport network, you can place your order of still wines at any time and from anywhere.

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