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Aged wines

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Aged wines

It is like fine wines, this phrase is very famous and very real too. Wines become more desirable with time. This is because as the months and years go by, wines develop more complex flavors and aromas, and unparalleled colors, that is why we say that tasting them is an indescribable experience. In order for our customers to enjoy this experience, we offer wines that have been subjected to the best maturation conditions.


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Distribution of aged wines

In order to be able to distribute the best aged wines, we look for distributors who apply the appropriate aging techniques, we, like many, prefer the traditional ones, why? Over the years it has been proven that traditional wine aging techniques give better results.
At Freixedas Vinícola we keep a close eye on the maturation of the wines that we subsequently distribute. The type of aging preferred by those who produce our wines -and by us as well- is the one carried out in wooden barrels. The reason is that there the flavors and aromas that the aged wine develops are better accentuated.

Can you imagine tasting a wine that has soft notes of vanilla, chocolate or even coffee? This is what is achieved with the maturation of the beverage. The type of aged wine that we distribute is the black wine. This, although it is not black, its tonality is close enough to receive that name.

The distribution strategies we establish in our company are advanced and innovative. In this way, we apply transportation techniques with which we maintain the freshness, flavor and aroma that the wine has acquired during maturation. By maintaining its properties, you can continue to age the wine once we deliver it to your store, restaurant or other establishment.
In addition, we meet delivery deadlines so that you can have quality wine for your customers or for yourself when you need it. Our aged wines are not limited to only one type of customer, anyone can purchase them.

In Freixedas Vinícola we have proven to be a reliable company, although we exist since 1818, we are constantly updated in order to offer the best sales and distribution service to those who trust us.

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